Better late than never…

Posted August 18, 2006 by Taffy
Categories: Taiwan, Zhonghe

Well, I know everyone else has been doing this for years, but I’ve finally succumbed to the pressure from my legion of fans (!) to start posting the minutiae of my life in spirit-crushing detail. Actually, I’m going to use this to talk about things I think are interesting about life and language here in Taiwan and as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family elsewhere in the globe. I’ll try to lighten the boredom with the occasional pretty picture and maybe a video or two if you’re really lucky.

The pictures here were taken in the 8-23 Memorial Park (八二三紀念公園) in Zhōnghé (中和), Taipei County, about five minutes from where I live. The downtown bits of Zhōnghé are built-up, crowded and dirty (hmm, sounds like the whole west coast of Taiwan…) and so these little islands of green in amongst the urban chaos are worth treasuring. In case you’re wondering, the 8-23 that this park is in memory of is the 23rd August 1958, when Chairman Mao’s boys started shelling the little island of Jīnmén (金門), a couple of miles off the coast of China but controlled then as now by the Republic of China (that’s Taiwan to you). Anyway, the “Free Chinese” managed to resist the assault for 44 days before the commies got bored and gave up. Hurrah! A stunning victory for the ROC!