Tailingua: New Website about the Taiwanese Language

Unfortunately this blog never really got off the ground as I got busy with other stuff (getting married, getting on with my job etc.) and it fell by the wayside.

However, things have now settled down a bit and I’ve opened a new website called Tailingua, which includes information about the language and a “News” section which is the successor to this blog. Hope to see you over there soon!

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One Comment on “Tailingua: New Website about the Taiwanese Language”

  1. chuanru Says:

    I happen to come to your blog this morning, it’s fantastic. I am a native Taiwanese and I speak taiwanese language everyday but never thought about doing things as you’ve been doing, which is to introduce it to people in your language.
    Taiwanese is a lively and also very creative language, thank you for writing about it…I think I will learn more about my native language from your site.

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