Taiwanease Magazine – out today!

Some of you will know that I have been involved with the start-up of a new magazine here in Taiwan – today finally sees the publication of our first issue. It’s called Taiwanease (ease, get it? what wit…) and is available in over a hundred locations around the island.

front cover

Throughout the process of putting the magazine together, I have been very lucky to have met some great people who have made this all possible. Writers for the first issue include

  • Steven D. Quinn – his early experience as a Mormon missionary
  • Daniel Wallace (formerly of ‘Suitcasing’) – Taipei transport and the lessons it can teach
  • Linda Gail Arrigo – 1960’s Taipei from an American perspective (including an interesting photo of her father, Major Joseph Arrigo, shaking hands with Madame Chiang)
  • Nana Chen – interview with digital/photographic artist Kuo Hui-Chan
  • Christina MacFarquhar – industrial Yunlin’s unlikely mammalian neighbours
  • TC Lin (Poagao) – a tongue-in-cheek piece examining plans to fine people for staring at foreigners

Add to this mix an events and movie guide plus extensive classified ads (sell your car, find a job, adopt a pet) and you have the essential features of issue 1. We’re still looking for writers for later issues, so if you think you have something to contribute, please drop me a line.

Also, if you can’t get hold of Taiwanease in your town and would like to suggest a distribution point, let me know and I’ll be happy to add more locations for issue 2.

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15 Comments on “Taiwanease Magazine – out today!”

  1. Gus Says:

    Congratulations, Taff, on pushing out this first issue. Now the fun really starts 🙂 Whatever happens next, this is a cool project and its shaping up to be really great

  2. Congratualations. I look forward to picking up a copy on the weekend.

  3. Mark S. Says:

    That’s great news, Taffy. Taiwan certainly needs a good English-language magazine of this type a lot more than it needs three English-language newspapers.

    Well, maybe two-and-a-half newspapers; the pathetic attempts at translation in the China Post don’t quite count as English.

    I’ll look for Taiwanease tomorrow.

  4. fiLi Says:

    Any chance for an online version for those not currently in Taiwan? :$

  5. […] Taffy* of Pháiⁿ-sè reports that Taiwanease magazine’s first issue is now available around Taiwan. […]

  6. Where can I find this magazine in Taichung?

  7. Taffy Says:

    fiLi – a few issues have yet to be worked out, but essentially yes, there will be an online version – I’ll post about it when it’s up.

    Elliott – a list of venues stocking the magazine is available here. There are fourteen locations in Taichung, including the Londoner and Fingas.

  8. Nathan Says:


    read the magazine and loved it. i’ve got an idea for an article that i’d like to discuss with you. please drop me an email at nathanhaslewood @ gmail.com.

    thanks very much,


  9. Prince Roy Says:

    sounds like a winner. look forward to picking up a copy.

  10. Prince Roy Says:

    are you sure it’s available in AIT American Citizen Services?

  11. never mind, got a copy here today.

  12. Bryan Says:

    I’d like to echo FiLi’s request for the online version, unless you have plans to distribute the magazine in Tokyo. I’ll be looking forward to the online service when it comes out.

  13. Prince Roy Says:


    I think the Wistaria Teahouse would be another natural distribution point.

  14. Prince Roy Says:

    Hey Taffy,

    where did you get the fonts for Taiwanese romanization? I’d love to use it as well.

  15. sina Says:

    It’s a good magazine!

    Could I suggest a new location in National Taiwan University?

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